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Maison Pierre’s owner/chef, Pierre Lacoste, grew up in a Creole
French household in New Orleans, but he spent summers with relatives
in France. Thus he became used to enjoying the best of both worlds at
the table. When he established his restaurant, the seeds had long
since been sown for Chef Lacoste’s hybrid style of deluxe cuisine.

The French and Creole schools of cooking are highly compatible,
and Chef Lacoste blends them into a style uniquely his own. thus it
is not jarring to find a fish course of local redfish sandwiched
between a heady pate and c crown rack of veal. Nor is it incongruous
to find oysters and hog jowl in the stuffing for the veal. Lacoste
can easily cross international culinary frontiers for the fine cause
of delicious food.

Chef Lacoste believes in the use of impeccably fresh ingredients,
especially when it comes to seafood. Often he will gather his own
oysters and catch his own shrimp and fish for the restaurant. This
insures that the dishes he serves will reflect the care he takes in
their preparation.

Seasoning is a delicate matter with Chef Lacoste. He likes to
use New Orleans spices, but in moderation. As he sees it, the main
attraction should never be upstaged by the supporting players.


Pate Maison (Chicken liver, and pork pate enriched with truffles and
laced with

Redfish Mousquetaire (Fillets poached in wine and served with a rich
egg, beef stock, and
pepper and mustard sauce.)

Crown Rack of Veal (Veal rack filled with an oyster stuffing.)

Strawberries and Cream (Strawberries and whipped cream. Easy, but

4 servings

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