Memphis Spare Ribs Recipe

Welcome to BBQ Pit Boys dot com! Today we’re going to do up some Memphis Ribs on the grill!And that is really easy to do. You have got to check this out. Alright – here we’ve got a slab of pork ribs. These are spare ribs about a five five-and-a-half […]

Welcome to BBQ Pit Boys dot com! Today we’re going to do up some Memphis Ribs on the grill!And that is really easy to do. You have got to check this out. Alright – here we’ve got a slab of pork ribs. These are spare ribs about a five five-and-a-half pounds slab. And uh. . . what you have got to do first here is trim up this slab. And that’s real easy to do. Here we’ve got a flap we want to remove. And will trim off a little bit of the excess fat. Just want to make it look real pretty on the grill. Now you could cut this up Saint Louis style but uh. . . we’re not going to do that today. I’m just going to square off the corners.

Now some refer to this rib technique as Tennessee style ribs or refer to it as a dry rib. You call it what you want. This is a good eating on the grill. And here I’m cutting off some of the excess meat. It doesn’t have any rib bone in there, so we’re just going to remove it, because it will cook different. Alright. Easy enough. Now like I said we’re not cutting this Saint Louis style, we’re just cutting off the minimum amount of meat. And the only other thing you want to do here is you can either score this membrane six to seven times and you can actually pull the membrane off. You’ve seen us do this before. Get yourself a piece of paper towel get your fingers under their and just pull away just like that – really easy to do. Now a lot of rib houses leave that membrane on. They’ll just gore it. If you’ve got the time you take it off.

Now this excess meat here this is all good eating. And the Pit Masters will put that on during the grilling. And then we’ve got a little bit to snack on while waiting for this going slow. Now as I said this style rib these Tennessee ribs or these Memphis ribs, it’s all about the rub. In fact the only time you’ll ever see a barbecue sauce used with these ribs is when you’re serving them up. You might put a little bowl of barbecue salsa on the side. Other than that this is all about dry ribs.

Now for your rub you want to choose your favorite one. You can use an off the shelf rub,or you can make your own dry rub. Check out the BBQ Pit Boys recipes!And then you want to liberally pour it all over these ribs. Put it on all the exposed meat on both sides. Easy enough. We’re going to let this rubs it on this rack for about 2 hours. Now some will say they go 6 hours overnight, no you don’t want to do that. A couple hours is all you need. In fact those rib houses will sometimes throw it on before they throw it on the old smoker. 2 hours is just about good. Now – let them sit in this marinating pan here for about two hours in the refrigerator.

Alright! About two hours has gone by about time get these ribs on the grill. We’re doing some indirect low & slow heating on this cattle grill. We’re going to use the mini so we have a long and slow going here with this charcoal.The mini ament is that we’ve got about a chimney full of burnt charcoal in there. We’re pouring about a half a chimney of hot coals. That will give you a long low and slow without adding any more charcoal. Now we’ve got a drip pan in there which we’re also going to use as a water pan. This will help keep these ribs nice and moist during this four or four two half-hour low and slow. Alright let’s prepare these ribs. And one technique I like to use here before throwing on these Memphis ribs: I’ve got some light brown sugar. And we’re going to sprinkle on another layer of flavor. Once these ribs heat up in this grill, that brown sugar will melt all over these ribs. I think you know where we’re going with this. And then you want to grab some more of your rub and sprinkle a little bit more on top of all the brown sugar. It’s good enough to eat already. Alright – let’s put them on the grill!We’re going on indirect – opposite to hot coals we want a temperature of about 225 – 250 degrees Fahrenheit. And the only other thing you need to add here is a little chunk of hardwood to produce a light layer of smoke. That’s a little bit of hickory. Careful with the smoke! In fact for good smoked ribs you don’t want to see any smoke coming out of the stack. Alright!4 hours to go!We’re going to make ourselves a mop. And about once every 45minutes to an hour we’re just going to mop those ribs. and we’re going to make a real basic mop here. And it’s about a one to one mix of apple juice,apple cider vinegar.

You could use a clear vinegar if you want. About one cup to one cup. And here I have a little bit of prepared mustard. I put about one tablespoon in there. And you’ll put about a tablespoon of your favorite rub in there again. Man, there’s nothing like eating Tennessee dry ribs around the Pit. You definitely gotta check this out!Now grab yourself a mop. Now since these ribs have been cooking for about one hour,we’re going to slop on some of this mopping sauce. just on the top like that is all you need to do. Put the cover on. Again – 225 – 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Alright. Now we’re about two hours into this low and slow. Man, it’s starting to look real good!Slop on some more of this mopping sauce. Do you smell that?It smells good!We’ll add a little more hickory in there. There’s still plenty of time to chunk some more hatches. Alright we’re about three hours now into this. And it’s coming along real good. now this is optional but uh. . . I’m going to turn these ribs around. Maybe a little more even cooking going on. I find it’s not always necessary. a little more mop. Man – are you getting hungry or what?One more little chunk of hickory. It’s all good.

Alright. Through the miracle of time these Tennessee dry ribs are done. It’s time to pull them off the grill. What we’re going to do here is we’re going to let them rest for a while. We’re going to use a couple of sheets of aluminum foil. And we’ll let them sit in there for maybe 15 minutes to a half hour. This will allow a lot of the flavors and juices to redistribute around the ribs. Alright – it’s time to plate some up. We’ll cut a few pieces of these ribs up. Look at that moisture and tender layers of flavor! Man, look at that smoked ring. There’s not much more to say now is there?Now you’re serving these ribs all you need is a little more of your rub. Give it a good sprinkle. That’s some eating right there. As always, I’m going to sample one of these pieces right in front of you. I do apologize! Mmmmh – it’s good!So the next time you’re looking for a recipe for your BBQ, you check out BBQ Pit Boys dot com!


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