Homemade Peanut Butter In One Minute

How to make peanut butter in just one minute. I’m showing you how to make all-natural peanut butter at home in just one minute. Making peanut butter at home is so easy. Store-bought peanut butter may contain added refined sugar, unhealthy fats, refined oil, or even preservatives but when you make them at home it’s just wholesome peanuts and a pinch of salt. No extra oils or sugar and yet thick and creamy and natural.

The high protein and healthy natural oils in peanut helps in weight loss by suppressing hunger. The fats in natural homemade peanut butter is heart-healthy mono saturated fat. So let’s get started with a recipe.

To make peanut butter I have already roasted two cups of peanuts. To remove the skin I have added the peanuts in a kitchen towel and I’m just simply rubbing the peanuts with my fingers like this. Sieve the peanuts . I am using the small wet and dry grinder which came along with my new mixie. So, this is the newest addition to my kitchen It has 1300 watt so that makes it a very powerful high-speed mixie and into the small wet and dry grinder. I am adding in two cups of roasted peanuts, add in 1/4teaspoon pink Himalayan salt. Cover it with the lid, there is actually a small lock here so you just have to press the lid and secure the look . So, this is now locked.

I’m going to pulse the mixie a couple of times I just passed it three times and you can see that the peanuts are nicely crushed now I’m just mixing this with a spoon and then I’m going to grind this on the first speed so, after 30 seconds this is how the peanut butter is looking. It is nicely mixed and oil has started releasing out. so I am just mixing this with a spoon and now I am going to grind this again for another 30 seconds and now my thick and creamy peanut butter is ready.

Can you believe that took just 1 minute to make this thick and creamy peanut butter? Now transfer the peanut butter into an airtight glass container now cover this with a tried lid. Two cups of peanuts gave me one cup of peanut butter and it’s very cheap and healthy because it is homemade and there is no unhealthy fats, refined sugar, or any preservatives. You can see how thick and creamy my homemade peanut butter is.

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