Ingrients & Directions

1 c Margarine
1/2 c Sugar
2 1/2 c Flour
1 tb Vanilla
1 1/2 c Finely ground nuts; (walnuts
-or almonds)
Pecan halves
Confectioners sugar

These thumbprints have jam in the center, but presumably you can put in
anything: From a cousin originally from Charleston, SC – enjoy. (Yes, it’s

1. Cream margarine and sugar

2. Add flour, vanilla, ground nuts (Can do in processor or mixer – will be
stiff dough)

3. Form balls; place on greased cookie sheets

4. Make hole in center w/finger.

5. Fill w/dab of jam, top w/pecan half

6. Bake in preheated 300o oven for 1/2 hr.

7. Roll in confectioners sugar WHILE STILL WARM.

Makes 3- 3/12 dozen.

1 Servings

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